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Audiocare Company is the official Israeli representative and distributor for the leading international brands, such as:

Beurer, Doro, Sunvalley, Rayovac, Technisat, Williamssound, Telgo, Aftershokz, and more ...

Audiocare distributes a variety and innovative, high-quality products from the fields of Health, Medical, well-being, audiology and Technology.

In addition to the import, marketing and distribution, Audiocare places a great emphasis on providing service and support for products it provides to her customers.
Audiocare has a strong economic base and is one of the leading companies in the field.


Regulation and logistics

As a part of being a company that imports and markets medical equipment, communication devices and baby products, we adopted and applied a strict quality assurance policy as a central principle in the company’s work procedures and services. ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our regulatory department keeps track of the ever-changing legislation and regulation in all of the regions in which we operate.


The company has significant experience working with different governmental authorities, including the Ministry of Communication, the Ministry of Health and the Standards Institution.


We employ skilled personnel in the field of logistics who are responsible for the company’s operations and management of the different transportation, storage, distribution and control systems. The Company operates an advanced and independent logistics center for her customer convenient. 

 AudioCare is an ideal partner for the distribution of audiology and assistive listening solutions.  Together with our partners - leading manufacturers around the world - we are fully committed to deliver top notch products and solutions at affordable prices.


What inspires and motivates us is the positive impact our technologies have on the ability to communicate and enjoy life.


 AudioCare is an active supplier of Israel's leading retailers, healthcare organizations, governmental offices and more. And is known for the unmatched service to our clients, high quality products and cost effective solutions.

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